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Rolling Hills Liqeni lies between the greenery of the hills of Farka and the edge of the lake, in an experience that allows you to enjoy freedom near nature, in the fresh air. A place of peace and relaxation, for an elegant, unique, and luxurious lifestyle. Rolling Hills Liqeni has been conceived as a residential complex with villas and apartments, a plazza with all the necessary services, a green park with sports grounds, and direct access to the ‘Lungolagon’ along Farka Lake.



Not just a residential residence, but a real community center. A new experience that allows you to enjoy freedom near nature and selected architecture that respects it by enabling lake views from every villa. Regular layout and natural lighting. Villas are designed with lavish spaces in every setting. Based on French neoclassical architecture, they have been treated with a new contemporary spirit and a high priority on build quality.


A Plazza dedicated to various services offering as many facilities as possible to all residents of the residence. Bars, restaurants, markets, and various service units will come in a single space, all in the function of a lifestyle with as many facilities as possible. Everything needed for everyday life can be found inside the residence combined with the many recreational and relaxing spaces.


Two dynamic meeting points for residents and visitors of all ages are the Park and the Lungolago along Farka Lake. Every age can find its own space to exercise different activities in nature for a healthier lifestyle.

Rolling Hills Liqeni has direct access to the Lungolago and offers access to the whole area to be enjoyed on morning or afternoon runs, long walks, or bike rides.

The park is suitable for the whole family for sports, games, and other interesting outdoor activities.


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