We are all aware that life is becoming increasingly hectic. The daily grind can be so exhausting that we eagerly await a chance to “escape” somewhere to rest for a few days. When we want to relax, our minds naturally turn to the sea or a lake, but we may not understand why being near the water makes us feel so good.

Over 20 years ago, numerous studies began to explore the health benefits of spending time in green spaces. Contact with nature was undoubtedly seen as the best way to relax and restore inner peace. Being near the water was thought to have the same effect, but over the years, scientists have discovered that water has an even more soothing effect than greenery, especially lakes, where tranquility can be felt, seen, and heard.

Living by the lake provides a constant source of calm through the rhythmic sounds of water and the landscape, significantly reducing stress. Numerous studies have shown that living near a lake reduces the production of stress hormones and promotes mental well-being.

Beyond being merely a lifestyle choice, residing by the lake is also an investment in health. One of the most noticeable health benefits is the exceptional quality of the air. The lush greenery surrounding the lake acts as a natural purifier, providing clean air that significantly improves the respiratory system. This is especially important today, as allergens and pollutants have increased, leading to a rise in allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

The lake environment offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities and exercise. Water sports, running or walking in nature, yoga, and meditation all contribute to physical and mental well-being. The natural surroundings make these activities even more appealing and encourage a healthy lifestyle focused on spending time outdoors, leading to increased exposure to sunlight and vitamin D.

Clean air, physical activity, and reduced stress levels are factors that also contribute to high-quality sleep. This has been consistently affirmed by people who have chosen to live by the lake all over the world.


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